About – Toontoony

Toontoony the Magpie is a book I wrote in 2013. It contains a series of (very) short stories about a magpie named Toontoony – 75 in all. The stories have a sense of magic and a kind of carefree strangeness to them; a friend described them to me as ‘bedtime stories for grown-ups.’

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Following the publication of that book, I began writing Toontoony, Small Comfort. This was a somewhat darker and more abstract series of prose poem-type sections featuring Toontoony and a host of other characters I had created over the years. I continue to work on this periodically as an ongoing project. On the Toontoony page of this website you will find those pieces as well as the occasional more normal Toontoony story as I feel inspired.

As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to drop me a line at any of the links below.