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Creeping slowly a lizard in the attic would like to look down on you but all he sees is the floor. But even this is enough to insult you strange fate the whispers your mother speaks in my ear telling me why why this that the other here elsewhere would it could it it would be easy to say that even the sparrow’s cheeks are red when she talks this way. 

A new beginning. When I was young I saw the fingers of my mother and she gave me a dead chicken to play with. I don’t really remember. It was a nice chicken no doubt.

Toontoony the magpie is so pretty sometimes that his reflection encircles him and he can’t seem to think anymore. Today is not such a day and he thinks about other things now. Like what is the color of the sky and if fish could fly how nice it would be talk to them on the heights. 

“hello,” he says.
“bzzz,” says the fly on the kitchen table, next to the knife.

In the trees outside sparrows dance and twitter as if to say please. A life of apologies and still no one loves you. Although, it is as if they did. Isn’t it? Sliderule.

The Salamander Sisters walk up to the house and knock on the door and stroll in. The halls are white and doorless. At least here. A sound from within the walls like rushing water but brief. They say to one another, “what was that?” Violet knocks on the walls but the walls are made of who-knows-what and they make no sound at her touch. A shrug precedes the continuation of their ambulatory progress. If you cannot solve a mystery you best let it lie.
A bit more might be said here about these sisters seven in number. They were all born at once but at different ages. Violet being the eldest at fourteen no doubt the leaderest and so on after her there will be a number of girls all small and childreny. It seems unlikely any will die but who can tell what the future holds. Margaret is twelve and she likes seashells. The youngest is Lucy but she is only really seven and doesn’t like anything. The rest rest against the white walls on the black floor beneath the black ceiling in the dark.

It has been a long time we have been in the dark. It will be a long time when it is over.

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