TSC 00001

Toontoony, small comfort the sun at midday smiles at dawn frown when it all goes wrong and what are we really – worms at war with birds cowards hiding in the herds.

Nancy is pretty in pastels in spring in the garden in the town in the lake. Her teeth are sharp & her mouth is filled with black bile & she always smiles.
She is skipping along. Tomorrow is not today, after all.

Toontoony the magpie pokes his head out of the tree he calls home.
“looks like rain,” he says, glancing at the ground.
“bzzz,” says a fly on the kitchen table.

Now it is tomorrow. Look around you and see. Lemons on the hilltops spread their eager leaves but in the far North there are no lemons. Thus we can infer that this scene takes place in a more verdant climate. 

But that’s not all. From the nature of Nancy flows endless good will that expresses itself gently in small gestures of violence like the crushing of bugs and twisting of flowerheads like a cougar on the rock sleeping slyly. 

From all this. the end.
Alright the night our endless goodbyes fluttering kisses and shaking eyes. Even so. 
Even so. Even so.
remind me again why we became friends?

Toontoony the magpie looks out his window again.

“if i were a cat i think i’d take a nap about now,” he says, not really looking at anything but enjoying the fresh air.

So he goes in and makes believe.

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